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Essay On Books

Essay on books

A book has been always an essential source of knowledge. Although, with the appearance of the Internet people refer to the books less often, they are still important for the humanity. Now it is your turn to demonstrate the value of the books and their impact on the development of your personality. In order to write an effective essay on books you have to learn how to present the material in appropriate way. If you were assigned to write an essay on books and you do not know how to do it effectively and you need help with writing assignments, refer to out article that will be a relevant source of information for writing you paper. Here you will find some pieces of advice that will help you to develop your thoughts in a way that will be interesting to read.

essay on books

If you want to complete your essay on books effectively, follow this guideline:

  1. Decide on the topic you are going to discuss. Choose the book that will refer to the topic and outline the points that will be analyzed.
  2. Brainstorm. Write out all the necessary information included in the book that will be appropriate to the theme of the paper.
  3. Decide on the most important points and sort them out in order to throw away unnecessary information. Moreover, think of the headings for each group of the points.
  4. Write an outline of the essay. Include all the headings achieved through the brainstorm. Order the thoughts logically and coherently starting with the most important point and proceeding to the least important one.
  5. Begin to write the first draft. Develop the headings into paragraphs and provide relevant transitions between them.
  6. The essay on books should include three significant parts: introduction, body and conclusion.
  7. Start with writing an introduction. It should provide a brief lied in into the topic under analysis. Moreover, give some information about the book you are going to discuss and build the thesis statement. In order to make the essay more interesting you may include a quote or a short dialogue from the book under analysis.
  8. Body paragraphs should provide evidence to the thesis statement. Thus, use relevant examples and facts in order to support your argument.
  9. The conclusion will summarize the achievement of the essay. So, sum up the points stated in the body and paraphrase the thesis.
  10. Check the draft several times and then rewrite it avoiding the mistakes you have made.


So, the assignment to write an essay on books is easy if you know exactly what are you expected to do. Use the following guideline for writing your paper and you will certainly feel proud of the work you have performed.